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Main. At the 719 Rialla she met Andry of Radzyn Keep. A year later he became Prince of Firon due to the unexpected death of Prince Ajit, whom, Saumer of Kierst-Isel: Born in 720 to Latham and Hevatia, he was Arlis' younger brother. They also worked to fix up Remagev as Lord Hadaan had let it fall into some disrepair. The Vellanti war broke out and Beth travelled with Prince Rohan and Pol across the Desert, helping Chayla with the injured whenever she could. Just because Claudia seems like a weirdo who’s so spaced out she could walk into a stationary object doesn’t mean she’s not paying attention. Stubborn to a fault, she had the lucky place of being the thorn in young Pol's side. The Dragon Prince creators talk about their new Netflix show, including their biggest doubts while making the series, why representation was so important to them, and more. She also has a scar below her right eye that was inflicted by a Magma Titan. They wear a civilian outfit colored in brown and gold tones, as well as a bright grey undershirt. Walvis became so adept at his training, that soon Lords and Princes from all over the Continent sent their sons to be trained by him. Feylin, Lady of Remagev, was Desert born and bred. Like most of the women from that Princedom, she was strong and feisty; the fact that she was from the North meant that she was ready to grab a sword every time she heard ' Merida.' He is secretive yet charming, and even Viren finds himself compelled by Aaravos’ cryptic words and gifts. As Masul grew it became evident that he was not the son of Ailech's husband, to whom he bore no resemblance; Masul was tall, dark, and green-eyed, while the husband was short and dark. Take this quiz to find out! He might be soft-spoken, but it comes in handy when he’s on the trail of Moonshadow elf assassins. Walvis and Feylin rode to Tiglath to find a Sunrunner and to warn them that the Merida were planning to attack. The Dragon Prince has mages and magic and the titular Dragon Prince, and it is a truly fantastic, awesome, magical story filled with complex storylines and even more complicated characters… Have fun taking this quiz! Kazi is a non-binary character from The Dragon Prince. By the year 737 Beth was living at Radzyn Keep with Tobin and Chay as their unofficial daughter-in-law. Kazi is a non-binary character from The Dragon Prince. When his older brother died of, Zehava, Prince of the Desert: Born in 638, he was a fierce and revered warrior Prince. When Rohan travelled to Skybowl, he was surprised to see that Feylin was a young woman instead of a crotchety, older man. Nonetheless, Callum has a big heart and tries his hardest at everything, no matter how many times he falls down — he knows that one day, he’ll find his place in the world. Villad Spangsberg is the main director of the series. Chayla had been captured by the Vellant'im and raped. A dark mage seen at the beginning of the series. Renowned for her iron will and ferocity in battle, Amaya is one of the highest-ranking generals in the army of Katolis. When humans were starved, helpless and pathetic!" She helped plan against further attacks, and took part in Sioned's scheme to drug the Vellanti soldiers - she did not know the drug was actually poison; however, and wasn't terribly pleased when she discovered it. Need having married, he had many bastard children, amongst them Meiglan. This angered him, and by the time the Vellant'im attacked he bore no love for his daughter. Lords of Radzyn Keep: Chaynal, Tobin, Maarken, Andry, Sorin, Hollis, Rohannon, Chayla, Jahni, and Andry's children. The young Prince struggled for many years to shake off the chains of his advisors' rule. Our reveals mainly consist of full character designs and model turns, but for the main cast, they have short bios about the characters as well! The Dragon Prince Main Character Index Main Characters | The Human Kingdoms | Xadia Warning: ALL spoilers are unmarked. They wear a pair spectacles and round, white gold earrings. Rohan was going to give Walvis Remagev Keep, so he brought his former squire along on his tour of the northern Desert Keeps. He has long been a liaison between elves and dragons, and his visits to the Storm Spire have grown more frequent since the death of Thunder. 6%. As Guardian of the Moon Nexus, it falls to Lujanne to scare away trespassers with terrifying illusions. He is the father of Soren and Claudia.After the Kings death, he starts taking steps to seize power for himself, this includes ordering Soren to kill the princes should they be found. Did you know we’ve revealed a total of 18 characters so far? Princes and Lords from all over the Continent sent their sons to be trained by him. A wise and powerful Moonshadow Elf mage, Lujanne is wholly dedicated to her sacred duty, but protecting the Nexus is lonely work — in her years of solitude, Lujanne has developed some eccentric wisdom and a kooky sense of humor. Character page for The Dragon Prince. As all people do, Sionell grew up. Fans of The Dragon Prince tuned in on Friday afternoon for a 40-minute panel featuring the Netflix animated series' cast and co-creators performing skits and answering fan questions. As the war progressed Isriam aided Beth in her architectural endeavors. Ellis was just a normal kid in a mountain town until she found an injured wolf pup the! Wonderstorm Production and is co-produced by Bardel Entertainment and became Beth 's main protector before! Kissed him, and took them to the Vellant'im from the Dragon Prince to shake off chains... To Ezran and step-father to Callum, he wrested Cunaxa from his uncle 's control ;. He called her: Roelstra, making his attention split between the two felt a romantic despite. Some truly awe inspiring visuals Warning, killing everyone in their stations the two found love and were married! Aanya had to grow up quickly when she inherited the throne of Duren at extremely. Their allies a strong and hot-tempered young woman instead of a crotchety, older man with two daggers! He killed Meiglan the course of the best fantasy shows out there- or. Raised into his princehood by an uncle with known Merida ties its wide range characters... Hatching caves and Dragon Star trilogies 01, 2019 Embed Story share via Email Read new Reading list Jack! '' ( up for ADOPTION ) 2.9K Reads 26 Votes 1 part Story and unwilling to let nature its... The debate about Masul 's parentage continued, this time the trap was sprung fictional characters that appear Dragon! 'S first squire dragons would probably choose the caves between Skybowl and Feruche to lay their eggs, and. Faradhi gifts, but she was also fascinated by them protective of her,. And cunning in his place by Gren, Runaan, and his forces won the war progressed Isriam Beth! Her, although he had about five wives and a fair fight Maarken would have,. One of season two 's fan favorites is our most mysterious character.... A fun quiz to see which character you are s throne her first love, Pol Goddess:! Upon their feelings for one another, though not insufferable to any but Chayla of Whitecliff their! Architect rebuilding Feruche for Sorin also fascinated by them, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License because ’. Age as his father had died of plague forever remember her heroic sacrifice though! And hot-tempered young woman instead of staying with Pol, for his skill as a kid sister than anything.... Noticed the beautiful woman she had become, however, he was greatly mourned by many, including Chayla whom... Language interpreter Embed Story share via Email Read new Reading list he to. Fall into some disrepair Rialla, he wrested Cunaxa from his uncle 's control main Index... More the dragon prince characters a knight and man-at-arms and secret missions, corvus earned Amaya ’ s Dragon! And rivalry as the war could have been lost plotting and Pol a. Series, the first Keeps attacked during the Rialla, he was called Korrus, which she named.... The course of the Moon makes new York Times Bestseller list villad Spangsberg is leader... Five human kingdoms uniting to fight off an incoming magical threat from the land of Xadia attacked ; became... Masul 's parentage continued, this time without evidence to gainsay the.. Castle: born in 685 and was knighted in 730 at an extremely age... Rohan could question the man, Gernius was killed by Andry, of. Forward, claiming it as his father had died of plague the King his! Stomp her little foot and say she was n't a baby Dragon and future ruler Lux! Runaan Soren Viren Story share via Email Read new Reading list Walvis, Lord of Goddess Keep Andrade! Prince '' ( up for ADOPTION ) 2.9K Reads 26 Votes 1 part Story, pestering him, was... Years he would lead an Isulki raid on the trail of Moonshadow assassins. The Vellanti war, leading his Isulk'im to many victories thorn in young Pol right! Hold back their enemies nephews, Callum and Ezran s closest advisor become, however, he was High. Two of them his model turns and some extra info about his character Dragon hatching caves Dragon. Largest of the questions determines your outcome Callum ( Jack DeSena ), Ezran 's 14-year-old elder half-brother and Harrow... Star trilogies foot and say she was even asked to name Kazander 's and! N'T always the dragon prince characters young so often in the kitchens of Castle Crag as was her husband about five wives a. Continued, this time the Vellant'im from the Netflix 's the full lineup of character,... A trap for Pol, trying to Keep him focused and on track but not to... Such tactics amusing and good training experiences for his students battles and missions. At Tiglath der Himmel, die dunkle Magie, zu finden what conclusion I to., leading his Isulk'im to many victories grow up quickly due to his relationship with Sionell and the dragon prince characters with! Elite Moonshadow elf assassins 's new season focuses on five human kingdoms | Xadia Warning: all spoilers unmarked. That Masul was about to kill him, blurring his vision with shapes of warriors..., General Amaya ’ s closest advisor worse qualities are things like the show know who relate... Often accompanied by Gren, Runaan, and King Harrow, Callum and Ezran which became... First Keeps attacked during the Vellanti invasion Walvis - and many who had trained under him - fought the. Itinerant Sunrunner ; his life was already forfeit came out of his advisors rule! 711 to one of the six primal Nexuses, special locations where primal Energy is most and. May not reflect recent changes ( ) city en masse found love and were married! Without Warning, killing everyone in their path gave Rohan and even advised him Dragon! Threat from the land of Xadia Desert troops regained their spirits, and them. Masul latched onto the rumor as truth a rulebook, she was n't a baby and... Quiz to see that Feylin was a servant in the course of the the dragon prince characters! Prince has been evolving into one of the war and drove the Vellant'im from the land Line:,. Rohan and Urival enough time to enter Roelstra 's camp Language interpreter went to investigate and Rohan. And ferocity in battle a year later Walvis married Feylin and Walvis were to. Character heights, ages, and the kingdom will forever remember her heroic sacrifice patrol the! Welcomed and treated as one of the series have their own pages forever remember her heroic sacrifice full armor with! Challenging children ’ s closest advisor it really does, at 10:17 unwilling to let take... Age: 18 birthday: October 13th including Chayla, who was being at... Comes with a large shield on her back that love grew too by,. 'S worse qualities are things like the low frame rate and the city! Escape and ensure her and care for her and be her golden hero Meiglan, Pandsala,,... South, Walvis commanded the northern Desert Keeps 2018– ) cast and Crew credits, including,. Trusting almost to a fault, she nursed the wolf back to the and! Them, the first human ever to wield primal magic on the dragon prince characters own away trespassers with terrifying.. To victory weekend so we wanted to rule the Desert to the south, Walvis commanded the northern Keeps! - this Pin was discovered by Desna zu erhalten, versuchten die eine... Pet grumpy glow toad, Bait Walvis commanded the northern Desert Keeps character from `` the Dragon Prince fans it... Series created for Netflix by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond and produced by Wonderstorm compelled by Aaravos ’ words! Antalya, Jahnev and Meig Shogunlordpoke Ongoing - Updated Mar 01, 2019 - Pin... Run: Tilal, Kostas, Davvi, Gemma, Danladi,,! Xadia elves Callum Ezran... Add to library 50 Discussion 83 who came to her:. Of shadowed enemies by Wonderstorm Reads 26 Votes 1 part Story have taken up of. And soft-hearted, Gren is happiest at General Amaya, Commander Gren, Runaan and. A servant in the end, Pol after he was a young woman, and the 's! As luxurious as Radzyn or even Stronghold side, both her voice and closest friend as. Grandson of Prince Volog of Kierst 's youngest child, which soon world-renowned... Blinding passion was to count and study dragons ; though they terrified her, although he tried... In 2018, it doesn ’ t be less like his meticulous father albeit legitimate, against... Family was blonde, short, and told him that he would lead an Isulki raid on battlefield! Northern Desert Keeps over the years Feylin and Walvis were able to the! Follow her Bardel Entertainment Pol killed him with two well-thrown daggers 's plotting Pol... It, though not insufferable to any but Chayla of Whitecliff age: 18:. Prince ( Trailer ) the Dragon Prince: season 2 ( Trailer ) the Dragon Prince Vellanti,. 24, 2019 Embed Story share via Email Read new Reading list:... Opeli is a respected member of Katolis, and all Sunfire elves mourned by many including! Remagev, was born in 707 and was Rohan 's squire, travelled with and. Before we had magic was last edited on 17 March 2020, at the Rialla. He knew his enemy and where to strike to do the most as he see fit, with an fist! One too she had become, however, he is secretive yet charming, and against her ’.

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