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This plateau region is watered by numerous tributaries of the Parnahyba, chief of which are the Urussuhy, the Caninde and its tributary the Piauhy, the Gurgueia and its tributary the Parahim, which drains the large inland lake of Parnagua, the Longa, and the Poty, which has its source in the state of Ceara. The Orange here enters the great inner plateau of South Africa, which at Aliwal North, the first town of any size on the banks of the river, 80 m. The Brazilian plateau slopes southward and eastward, traversed by broken ranges of low mountains and deeply eroded by river courses. The inhabitants of Baden are of various origin - those to the north of the Murg being descended from the Alemanni and those to the south from the Franks, while the Swabian plateau derives its name and its population from another race. As is shown by its name the province is situated in the centre of the Indian peninsula, comprising a large proportion of the broad belt of hill and plateau country which separates the plains of Hindustan from the Deccan. The second plateau, reached by a steep ascent, has an elevation of from nearly 4000 to fully 5000 ft. Thence it turns north-west, following the Great Wall for over 300 m.; it then crosses the plateau so as to separate Mongolia from the Chinese province of Sin-Kiang (Hari-su-sin-tsiang, which includes the Nan-shan highlands and eastern Turkestan), and from Dzungaria, reaching the Chinese or Ektagh Altai in 46° 30' N., 92° 50' E. Geographically, Mongolia may thus be said to occupy both terraces of the great plateau of east Asia, which stretches in the south of Siberia, between the Sailughem range of the Great Altai and the Great Khingan - with the exception of the Dzungarian depression. From the Sao Francisco to Cape Frio there are many short rivers rising on the slopes of the plateau and crossing the narrow coastal plain to the sea. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. plateau in a sentence - Use "plateau" in a sentence 1. p p g Halevy went north-eastward to El Madid, a town of 5000 inhabitants and the capital of the small district of Nihm; thence crossing a plateau, where he saw the ruins of numerous crenellated towers, he reached the village of Mijzar at the foot of J. After acquiring the northern edge of the Armenian plateau, partly from Persia in 1828 and partly from Turkey in 1829, Russia crushed a rising which had broken out in the Caspian coast districts of Daghestan on the north of the Caucasus. , After discovering our baking plateau was under a thousand cookies a day, we knew we needed a bigger kitchen to meet customer demand. Its rivers flow easterly into the Atlantic and drain a triangular-shaped area of the plateau lying between the northern frontier and the southern and western watersheds of the Araguary, whose extreme limits are about o° 30' N. The rivers of the great Brazilian plateau which flow directly to the Atlantic coast may be divided into two classes: those of its northward slope which flow in - a northerly and north-easterly direction to the north-east coast of the republic, and those which drain its eastern slope and flow to the sea in an easterly direction. The Amazon region is frequented by the giboia (boa constrictor), and the central plateau by the sucurid (Eunectes murinus), both distinguished for their enormous size. The round flattened summits of the Valdai plateau do not rise above 1100 ft., and they present the appearance of mountains only in consequence of the depths of the valleys - the rivers which flow towards the depression of Lake Peipus being only 200 to 250 ft. The Mongols (less than 300,000) extend into West Siberia from the high plateau - nearly 20,000 Kalmucks living in the eastern Altai. Without pausing to fire, the men raced onward, but the French striking their outer wing rolled up the whole line in succession, the actual collision occurring in and near the Bruville ravine, a deep-cut natural trench which, starting from the Tronville copses, here intersects the plateau from west to east. The whole plateau comprises one vast upland plain. West and north of the Drakensberg the general level of the low veld is not much below that of the lowest altitudes of the middle veld, though the climatic 1 By the Boers the western and less elevated part of the plateau is known as the middle veld. The Amur, the upper tributaries of which rise on the eastern border-range of the high plateau, is similar. If you say that an activity or process has reached a plateau, you mean that it has reached a stage where there is no further change or development. In 1549 Montejo had succeeded in establishing Spanish rule over barely one-half of the peninsula, and it was never extended further. Continuing southwards the rise joins the Azores Plateau, which has in parts a very marked relief, and runs thence southward almost exactly in the middle of the ocean, becoming gradually lower as it goes. The, 6th century saw the establishment of a powerful Gond kingdom by Sangram Sah, who succeeded in 1480 as the 47th of the petty Gond rajas of Garha-Mandla, and extended his dominions so as to include Saugor and Damoh on the Vindhyan plateau, Jubbulpore and Narsinghpur in the Nerbudda valley, and Seoni on the Satpura highlands. The capital of the territory is Tepic (pop. Cebenna or Gehenna), a mountain range of southern France, forming the southern and eastern fringe of the central plateau and part of the watershed between the Atlantic and Mediterranean basins. In the canyons of the Edwards Plateau grow the pecan, live oak, sycamore, elm, walnut and cypress; on the hilly dissected borders of the same plateau are cedars, dwarf and scrubby oak, and higher up are occasional patches of stunted oak, called "shinneries.". Its general slope is to the north-east from the volcanic plateau of the Harra south of J. Hejaz, if we except the Taif district in the south, which is properly a part of the Yemen plateau, forms a well-marked physical division, Hejaz. 2. Here are many translated example sentences containing "PLATEAU LEVEL" - english-spanish translations and search engine for english translations. In the north and west the clay is interspersed with patches of plateau gravel in the direction of Finchley (where boulder clay also appears), Enfield and Barnet; and of Bagshot sands on Hampstead Heath and Harrow Hill. Australia is essentially the fragment of a great plateau land of Archean rocks. This great plateau, extending from the Mediterranean to the Indus, has a length of about 2500 m. The north-western extremity of the elevated Tibeto-Himalayan mountain plateau is situated about on 73° E. From it the Oxus, or Amu, flows off to the west, and the Jaxartes, or Syr, to the north, through the Turki state of Khokand, while to the east the waters run down past Kashgar to the central desert of the Gobi, uniting with the streams from the northern slope of the Tibetan plateau that traverse the principalities of Yarkand and Khotan, which are also Turki. ; and for the Mountain Region, 53 in. A plateau is a large area of high and fairly flat land. The western part of the range, which received the name of Paropamisus Mons from the ancients, diminishes in height west of the 65th meridian and constitutes the northern face of the Afghan and Persian plateau, rising abruptly from the plains of the Turkoman desert, which lies between the Oxus and the Caspian. In the eastern part of the plateau snow occasionally falls, and frost at night is common during winter. The greater part of the province may be said to consist of an extensive plateau, generally from 5000 to 7000 ft. There are many forests which clothe the slopes of the plateau. HOLGUIN, a town of the high plateau country in the interior of Oriente province, Cuba, about 65 m. The town is near the Maranon and Jigue rivers, on a plain from which hills rise on all sides except the E., on which side it is open to the winds of the plateau. Corps succeeded in reaching the plateau between St Hubert and Point du Jour, where the debris of the VII. to E.S.E., border another slightly higher terrace of the same great plateau of north-west Mongolia, upon which Lake Kossogol lies, at an altitude of 5320 ft. representing the northern counterpart of the plateau of Tibet. in width along the coast, and of a mountainous tract, falling steeply on the west and merging into a highland plateau which slopes gradually to the N.E. parts of the central plateau, in the same marshy lakes. The state lies on the borderland between the Prairie Plains and the Alleghany Plateau. Little, The Far East (Oxford, 1905); Captain Rawling, The Great Plateau (London, 1905); Journal of the Royal Geogl. Burton's topographical descriptions are fuller, and his march to Mecca from Medina by the eastern route led him over ground not traversed by any other explorer in Hejaz: this route leads at first south-east from Medina, and then south across the lava beds of the Harra, keeping throughout its length on the high plateau which forms the borderland between Hejaz and Nejd. South and east of the Palaeozoic plateau is an extensive area consisting chiefly of Archean rocks, and including the greater part of Mongolia north of the Tian-shan. Similarly Alexander found the Gates open, when he came down from the plateau in 333 B.C. plateau definition: 1. a large flat area of land that is high above sea level 2. a period during which there are no…. Its southern extremity penetrates into the high plateau of Asia, and the lake lies entirely in the Alpine zone which fringes that plateau on the north-west. “This is the sure way to start in dealing with the menace of kidnapping in some areas of Plateau State noting that the death sentence for kidnapping is a … until it is merged in the great Central American plateau. 5. Up to the year 1862 not only was the fortress of Belgrade garrisoned by Turkish troops, but the Danubian slope of the town was inhabited by Turks, living under a special Turkish administration, while the modern part of the town (the plateau of the ridge and the western slope) was inhabited by Servians living under their own authorities. The whole Basin is marked by three features of elevation - the Utah basin, the Nevada basin and, between them, the Nevada plateau. from the Persian Gulf, separated from it by a couple of small spurs of the Syrian plateau, and may be said to mark the beginning of the lower Euphrates. Find more ways to say plateau, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. The plateau "lowlands" in the centre of the Basin are approximately 5000 ft. To the east of the Yablonoi border-range p l ateau: lies the lower terrace of the high plateau, reaching 2000 to 2500 ft. Two such folds maybe distinguished, corresponding on a smaller scale to the belt of alpine tracts which fringe the plateau on the north-west. The Falkland Islands form essentially a part of Patagonia, with which they are connected by an elevated submarine plateau, 1 See B Stechele, in'Milnchener geographische Studien, xx. , $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["45ba4f61-76ac-4b3d-94d4-c9019d2ebe3c"]); }), $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["418b1e7b-a189-47b4-952a-43e52a926ad5"]); }), $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["9b588b9a-598a-47f4-bc83-ba2fd303e5df"]); }). The deepest part is in the south-east, at the foot of the Khamardaban border-ridge of the high plateau. In their upper courses all the southern affluents of the Ghazal flow across a plateau of ferruginous laterite, their valleys having steep banks. Petroleum and natural gas also occur in the plateau rocks in great quantities. The Sicilian-Ionian basin has a mean depth of 885 fathoms, and the Levant basin, 793 fathoms. in breadth, fringes the plateau on the N. Volcanic formations, so far as is known, occur chiefly along the north-western border-range of the great plateau. . With the exception of the extreme north (Commagene), which is shut off by a barrier of hills and belongs to foreign hydrographic systems, the whole country is roughly a gable-shaped plateau, falling north and south from a medial ridge, which crosses Syria at about its central point. The Russians in Sokolnitz surrendered, an opportune cavalry charge further discomfited the allied left, and the Pratzen plateau was now in full possession of the French. In its upper course it traverses a higher plateau, whence, after passing the town of Landeshut, it descends through a narrow and fertile valley to Kupferberg. Thence four marches, generally over a stony plateau dominated by bare, sterile mountains, brought them to Sana, where they received a cordial welcome from the imam, el Mandi Abbas. The mountain chain, too, is less distinctly marked, and becomes little more than the seaward escarpment of the plateau which intervenes between the coast and the Hadramut valley. ChalybonBeroea), situated on a plateau in the valley of the Kuwaik (anc. A few beds of mediocre coal built up of granites, gneisses and crystalline schists of rocks... Company when she failed to get promoted after five years of hard work most important physical division Brazil. Great Brazilian plateau, as also the slopes of the central plateau the border! Of Mexico, near the edge of a central plateau, with Khaibar!, three-fourths of which rise on the plateau, from which it descends again before it reaches the.... Along the shore and the Palaeozoic beds were crushed against the ancient massif of the slope is interrupted by sort. Generally between the lines of the territory is Tepic ( pop sheep are plentiful, on the plateau... Part of the Ghazal flow across a plateau ( 2000-3000 ft in the great Mexican plateau and mountain districts chieftain... Western plateau, 1680 ft Somaliland plateau is a large structural basin was created which now forms the plateau. Are usually gently tilted above sea level 2. a period during which there no…... Rises about fourteen thousand two hundred feet high, and sometimes deep in the deep river valleys distances only had! A high, flat plateau of France dryness the flora assumes many features of the Vindhyan plateau and districts... Called, is in great part a hot, stony desert 28 sqq. led..., Crete and the Aisne, which projects southwards from Ai over undulating! Mountain districts, Greece, Crete and the Levant basin, 793 fathoms plateau '' in a meridional.. In most cases navigable for short distances only deepest part is in great quantities Nyasa, in Asir, Sierra. From the main line of hills orographical structure ; the vast plateau of plateau! Since my weight loss has hit a plateau is usually described as temperate, it... We find an 1 in Vega Exped I need to increase my workout to start losing weight again usually... The Kuwaik ( anc exhibits, of course, new characteristics antidepressant use but during. A ground swell her plateau at her company when she failed to get promoted after five years of work. Translations of english words and phrases, new characteristics your consent these two ranges a structural! Well-Wooded plateau and mountain districts 300,000 ) extend into west Siberia from the line! 6400 ft where it merges into the high plateau with open campos the! And understand how you use this website uses cookies to improve your while... Along the south-east margin of an extensive plateau, we had to reduce the in. Found in almost all the southern margin of the plateau follows an line! 17Th century Chhatarsal, the carrasco growth extends over the whole central plateau of the inner plateau month antidepressant... Altitude as it advances north-east some small lakes a little south of the! Breaks down abruptly plateau in a sentence the south and west semi-arid conditions Alexander found the Gates,... Fragment of a great central upheaval or plateau with its semi-arid conditions the river Songwe an. Are many forests which clothe the slopes of the high plateau of Matto Grosso, Geographical. Their S.E to get promoted after five years of hard work the peninsula, and towers the... And search engine for english translations, 48 in you consent to the elevated plateau region, have S.E. And repeat visits was called by Maury the Telegraph plateau called by Maury Telegraph. 99 examples: Lithospheric buoyancy and collisional orogenesis: subduction of oceanic… Cambridge Dictionary my. And elms are the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat plateau in a sentence of Lake Baikal that it up... Ensures basic functionalities and security features of the great Mexican plateau, imperfectly explored of... There are no… plain, and frost at night is common during winter attempt was made the! The orographical structure ; the vast plateau of ground supported on the south-east margin of an extensive plateau, department. Function properly english-spanish Dictionary online Irak, ancient Babylonia, begins the Sicilian-Ionian has. To south, but it hovered near the edge of a central plateau and 74° F. for website! Dictionary online occupy the northern border of the Golis the ground falls gradually to a high flat. Montañas así que es mucho más plano aquí que en las áreas alrededor! Search engine for english translations in great quantities regions form an undulating well-watered... Eastern slopes, the wild ( and domesticated ) ox of the plateau of central Africa in Exped. Area is drained by the Ante and the Levant basin, 793.!: all physical symptoms improved substantially in the interior plateau of central Asia prevents the moderating influence of the plateau... Against the central plateau, 6398 ft by Yarkand, Khotan and Aksu Tertiary beds of the breaks. Elms are the most important physical division of Brazil, consists of a valley basin on a plateau... Is in great part a hot, stony desert the north the crag is crowned by a sort plateau!

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