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In this way he claimed that he had secured liberty in its rights without allowing it to degenerate into licence. The medusae may be set free or may remain attached to the polyp-colony and degenerate into a gonophore. All the assaults of the sceptical Academy had failed, and within fifty years of the death of Carneades his degenerate successors, unable to hold their ground on the question of the criterion, had capitulated to the enemy. How to use degeneracy in a sentence. (of illness) marked by gradual deterioration of organs and cells along with loss of function Last update: September 11, 2015. The definition of degenerate is someone or something that has lost their former good character or morality. . In the sporosac, however, the medusa-individual has become so degenerate that even the documentary proof, so to speak, of its medusoid nature may have been destroyed, and only circumstantial evidence of its nature can be produced. Cattle and horses, where introduced, are found to degenerate rather rapidly unless the supply of fresh stock is kept up. , Everyone expects the divorce negotiations to degenerate into a screaming match between the couple. Father Enfantin held fast by his ideal to the end, but he had renounced the hope of giving it a local habitation and a name in the degenerate obstinate world. Examples of Degenerate in a sen. A drunken degenerate was attacking a slave girl on the public highway. degenerate in a sentence - Use "degenerate" in a sentence 1. , When my mother became terminally ill, it was painful for me to watch her degenerate. The similarity of the form of their appendages to those of the scorpions suggests that they are a degenerate group derived from the latter, but the large size of the prae-genital somite in them would indicate a connexion with forms preceding the scorpions. For an appeal like that of our epistle to the authority of the past against the moral laxity and antinomian teaching of degenerate Pauline churches in the Greek world, the natural resort after Paul himself (Pastoral Epp.) Zeuthen in the case of curves of any given order establishes between the characteristics pc, v, and 18 other quantities, in all 20 quantities, a set of 24 equations (equivalent to 2 3 independent equations), involving(besides the 20 quantities) other quantities relating to the various forms of the degenerate curves, which supplementary terms he determines, partially for curves of any order, but completely only for quartic curves. . The life and death of Cato fired the imagination of a degenerate age in which he stood out both as a Roman and a Stoic. They passed through various modifications in the course of time; after leaving the mother country the script acquires a more cursive, flowing style on the stones from Cyprus and Attica; the tendency becomes more strongly marked at the Punic stage; until in the neo-Punic, from the destruction of Carthage (146 B.C.) The horses and cattle are of a degenerate type, small, ungainly and inured to neglect and hard usage. The methods of Maillard and Zeuthen are substantially identical; in each case the question considered is that of finding the characteristics Cu, v) of a system of curves by consideration of the special or degenerate forms of the curves included in the system. The latter can too easily degenerate into psychic manipulation. Having declined, as in function or nature, from a former or original state. As in the case of Cyphonautes, the larval organs degenerate and the larva becomes the ancestrula from which a polypide is developed as a bud. 2. There is, however, some evidence that Isoetes, which in several respects agrees more nearly with the Lepidodendreae, may actually represent their last degenerate survivors (see Pleuromeia, in § II., MEsozoic). But feeling without will or thought is impotent and tends to degenerate into mere self-indulgence. Cavefish have evolved regressive characters such as a degenerate eye, small optic tectum, and less pigment. Though the aquatic members of a class of animals are in some instances derived from terrestrial forms, the usual transition is from an aquatic ancestry to more recent land-living forms. Police hoped that showing the missing girl’s face on the news would generate new interest in her case. - Degenerate atracheate parasitic forms with the body produced posteriorly into an annulated caudal prolongation, and the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th pairs of appendages short and only three-jointed. The polyp usually has the body distinctly divisible into hydranth, hydrocaulus and hydrorhiza, and is usually clothed in a perisarc. On his father 's side, his ancestors had all been big men, and he was no degenerate scion. In later years he was allowed by Augustus to return to Tarsus in order to remodel the constitution of the city after the degenerate democracy which had misgoverned it under Boethus. a degenerate society in which people had no sense of being citizens, only consumers Verb over the years the community-minded organization degenerated into a club for loafers Noun a couple of degenerates on a crime spree a degenerate who is uninterested in anything but his own gratification Will too much freedom make them degenerate? At 1500 fathoms temperature has become very uniform, ranging between 35° and 37° F., but still exhibiting the same type of distribution, though in a very degenerate form. An example of it used in a sentence would be: Madeline's degenerate son finally went to prison for mugging all those old ladies. 7. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. A partly degenerate consensus sequence was created from the Aspergillus and Penicillium sequences to evaluate the statistical significance of this alignment. Previous of Degenerate. By skill, foresight and courage Frederick William managed to add largely to his territories; and in an age of degenerate sovereigns he was looked upon as an almost model ruler~ His son, Frederick, aspired to royal dignity, and in 1701, having obtained the emperors assent, was crowned king of Prussia. At 1500 fathoms temperature has become very uniform, ranging between 35° and 37° F., but still exhibiting the same type of distribution, though in a very degenerate form. And must thy lyre, so long divine, Degenerate into hands like mine? The ultimate curve together with its summits may be regarded as a degenerate form of the curve u=o. Post Serfdom After serfdom was abolished in Russia and the end of the uprising in Poland, Slavophilism began to degenerate: 36. The IWF will not tolerate any infraction under any circumstances. The nomomeristic Arachnids comprise two sub-classes - one a very small degenerate offshoot from early ancestors; the other, the great bulk of the class. She has a sort of degenerate beauty. to the 1st century A.D.; both the writing and the language reached their most degenerate form. Degenerate definition: If you say that someone or something degenerates , you mean that they become worse in... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. 0. There is no doubt, from a consideration of the facts of structure, that the aquatic water-breathing Arachnids, represented in the past by the Eurypterines and to-day by the sole survivor Limulus, have preceded the terrestrial air-breathing forms of that group. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. poor upkeep of the houses and gardens can also degenerate the street environment. In the existing members of the group the cheek-teeth approximate to the bunodont type, although showing signs of being degenerate modifications of the selenodont modification. | (of a human or system) Having lost good or desirable qualities. The latter is confined to certain Gastropods which live in Echinoderms and are extremely degenerate in structure. Dante's message is once more, degenerate Italy, fallen from its ancient virtues, lost in factional strife. In cultures of the latter there occur very rare supplemental males which appear in no sense degenerate but as fit for reproduction as the males of the bisexual species. Use "degenerate" in a sentence Frequent dynastic quarrel s also contributed to the view among Jews of later gene rations that the latter Hasmoneans were degenerate. Degeneracy definition is - the state of being degenerate. It is in the highest degree natural that Livy should have sought for the secret of the rise of Rome, not in any large historical causes, but in the moral qualities of the people themselves, and that he should have looked upon the contemplation of these as the best remedy for the vices of his own degenerate days. Here are many translated example sentences containing "DEGENERATE" - english-italian translations and … It has, however, since been found that in other kinds of insects the tissues degenerate and break down without the intervention of phagocytes. In these degenerate days their supernatural powers consist chiefly in conjuring, sooth-saying, and feats of jugglery, by which they seldom fail in imposing upon a credulous public. By this process of forgetfulness and misinterpretation, mountains, rivers, lakes, sun and sea would receive human attributes, while men would degenerate from a more sensible condition into a belief in the personality and vitality of inanimate objects. A degenerate society cared nothing for syllogisms grown threadbare by repetition. Defrost: make or become free of frost or ice.. Download Now. - Degenerate Arachnids resembling the Opiliones in many structural points, but chiefly distinguishable from them by the following features: - The basal segments of the appendages of the 2nd pair are united in the middle line behind the mouth, those of the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th pairs are widely separated and not provided with sterno-coxal (maxillary) lobes, and take no share in mastication; the respiratory stigmata, when present, belong to the prosoma, and the primitive segmentation of the opisthosoma has entirely or almost entirely disappeared. to fall below a certain level of qu. In particular cases the cylindroid may degenerate into a plane, the pitches being then all equal. The degenerate list of example sentences with degenerate. Everyone expects the divorce negotiations to degenerate into a screaming match between the couple. Unfortunately, the relationship my best friend and I used to have has started to degenerate. One of the most troublesome pests of the interior is a minute degenerate spider of the genus Ixodes, called carrapato, or bush-tick, which breeds on the ground and then creeps up the grass blades and bushes where it waits for some passing man or beast. In all but a few of the minor groups religious fervour is only too apt to degenerate into that very state of sexual excitation which devotional exercises should surely tend to repress. The ratatouille filling consists of neatly shaped vegetables that are lightly cooked so it doesn't degenerate into a nondescript mess like many of its kind. Need to translate "DEGENERATE" from english and use correctly in a sentence? Individuals reproduce unexpectedly the traits of earlier ancestors, and ethnologists and criminologists frequently explain by "atavism" the occurrence of degenerate species of man; but the whole subject is complicated by other possible explanations of such phenomena, included in the scientific study of normal "variation.". To a long line of illustrious successors, men like Thrasea Paetus and Helvidius Priscus, Cato bequeathed his resolute opposition to the dominant power of the times; unsympathetic, impracticable, but fearless in demeanour, they were a standing reproach to the corruption and tyranny of their age. BIRD - Louse, any small flat degenerate wingless neuropterous insect of the group Mallophaga, parasitic upon birds and mammals and feeding upon dermal excretions or upon the softer parts of hair and feathers. How to conjugate degenerate , What is the base from of degenerated How do you spell degenerate in a sentence? That this accuracy may sometimes degenerate into triviality, and that such absorption in trifles may occasionally hide the broad horizon, is conceivable. The goats, generally black or parti-coloured, seem to be a degenerate variety of the shawl-goat. , Since Jeremy has been bedridden for six months, his leg muscles have started to degenerate from a lack of activity. This was in the end the most popular form of text, and is found in a more or less degenerate state in all late MSS. Examples of degenerate in a sentence, how to use it. Examples of deliberate in a sentence, how to use it. It is conjectured that the wheat plant, as now known, is a degenerate form of something much finer which flourished thousands of years ago, and that possibly it may be restored to its pristine excellence, yielding an increase twice or thrice as large as it now does, thus postponing to a distant period the famine doom prophesied by Sir W. It was present in the ancestral mollusc, occurs in nearly all archaic types, and is only absent in the most specialized forms, in which it has evidently been lost; these forms are certain Neomeniomorpha, all the Lamellibranchia, various degenerate Gastropoda, and the Cirrhoteuthidae among Cephalopods. By the middle of the century, logical studies had lost to a great extent their real interest and application, and had degenerated into trivial displays of ingenuity. What eldest brother grows is very a mature and steady, very worldly-wise, however, is still very handsome to have much of a type of not … Under a series of degenerate Medici the history of Tuscany is certainly not a splendid record, and few events of importance occurred save court scandals. In other cases his statement of utilitarian considerations is fragmentary and unmethodical, and tends to degenerate into loose exhortation on rather trite topics. These very thick seams are, however, rarely constant in character for any great distance, being found commonly to degenerate into carbonaceous shales, or to split up into thinner beds by the intercalation of shale bands or partings. Degenerate in a sentence. The fighting later degenerated into a civil war involving seven factions. How this page explains Degenerate ? Incertae sedis - Tardigrada, Pentastomidae (degenerate forms). 91. degenerate form of Buddhism Ceremony and ritual are emphasized. 4. degenerate form of Buddhism Ceremony and ritual are emphasized. In such species there is a more or less regular annual increase in the complexity of the antlers up to a certain period of life, after which they begin to degenerate.". Their structure is eminently that of degenerate forms. The right to bear nuclear weapons could also degenerate into a nuclear free-for-all, which would terrifyingly lower the threshold of accident or use. But in respect of the substitution of other parts for the mantle-skirt and for the gill which the more degenerate Opisthobranchia exhibit, this order stands alone. We are also, by the isolation of Peripatus and the impossibility of tracing to it all other tracheate Arthropoda, or of regarding it as a degenerate offset from some one of the tracheate classes, forced to the conclusion that the tracheae of the Onychophora have been independently acquired. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. - Small degenerate forms with the dorsal area of the prosoma furnished with two shields, a larger in front covering the anterior four somites, and a smaller behind covering the 5th and 6th somites; the latter generally subdivided into a right and left portion. 11. Examples of degenerate in a Sentence; Examples of degenerate. Their personal dignity and the vast range of their colonial enterprises were in striking contrast to the retail traffic of the Ashkenazim and their degenerate bearing and speech. If the bud, however, is destined to give rise not to a free medusa, but to a gonophore, the development is similar but becomes arrested at various points, according to the degree to which the gonophore is degenerate. He writes of it with despondency as a degenerate and declining age; and, instead of triumphant prophecies of world-wide rule, such as we find in Horace, Livy contents himself with pointing out the dangers which already threatened Rome, and exhorting his contemporaries to learn, in good time, the lessons which the past history of the state had to teach. His probable purpose, tho unexpressed, was to contrast them with the later degenerate scions of the Hasmonaean dynasty. Translations of the phrase YOU DEGENERATE from english to german and examples of the use of "YOU DEGENERATE" in a sentence with their translations: You degenerate pig! degenerate in a sentence - Use "degenerate" in a sentence 1. (I) the larger part of the hypodermis that exists in the maggot or caterpillar and is disf e b solved at the metamorphosis; (2) parts that remain comparatively quiescent previously, and that grow and develop when the other parts degenerate. , Now that my grandmother has reached her nineties her eyesight has started to degenerate. Hence, suppose genuine prayer to have come into being, it is exceedingly apt to degenerate into a mere piece of formalism; and yet, whereas its intrinsic meaning is dulled by repetition according to a well-known pyschological law, its virtue is thereby hardly lessened for the undeveloped religious consciousness, which holds the saving grace to lie mainly in the repetition itself.

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